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About The Book


I have three sons.  For them, as a legacy, I wrote a series of original, short quotes, attached to my Last Will and Testament.  I called these quotes, “What Matters.” This book is a compilation from those quotes.

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What Matters

We all are in the same predicament:  our life is finite, our future opaque.

And when finality does come, is there one more thing we wish we would have done, or done differently?   Will there be one more thing we wish we would have said?

Good or bad, seemingly fair or not—our life’s outcome is up to us.  It may not seem so, but it is so.  Such is the glory of our lives, and such is the burden of our lives, . . . which we create, and recreate, moment by moment.

We make choices.  Our life happens.  "What Matters" is about those choices.

Charity Partner:
The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Pancreatic Cancer kills, mercilessly.  There is a 91% probability of dying within 5 years of diagnosis.  It has the highest mortality rate of all leading cancers.  But there is hope, and effort, to improve these grim odds, and it is the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (“PanCAN”), and its Purple Stride and Purple Light Events.

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network honors loved ones who are fighting pancreatic cancer, and honors those who have lost the battle. It is a global organization that seeks to build awareness for Pancreatic Cancer, to promote funding for research, and to support stricken patients.

children's artwork
children's artwork

Sharing of Sales Proceeds

Sixty percent (60%) of the net proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to our causes.

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